Our clients include building owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and distributors.  We provide our clients with engineering consulting for heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems for industrial and commercial applications.  Our clients come from privately owned, publicly owned, non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations.

Building Owners

As a building owner,  you will get your projects done faster, less costly, and more closely matching your needs.  Example:  Our client purchased a 14,000 sq ft building and needed it renovated  for use as office, sales, training, and warehouse.  We completed the design of the HVAC portion of the project and incorporated the client's specific technology requirements, while working with the client's general contractor and subcontractors.


As a contractor or fabricator, you will expand your capabilities and win more bids.  Example:  Our client was asked to complete an HVAC renovation of a 16,000 sq ft marketing call center as a design-build project.  Since our contractor did not employ any engineers and needed the design completed by a licensed professional engineer, they called us to get the job done.

Architects & Engineers

As an architect and/or engineering firm, you will immediately add HVAC experience to your team.  Example:   Our client was asked to complete the architectural design of a small building addition.  The architect made us part of the project team to complete the MEP design seamlessly for their client.

Our clients value our experience which includes sales, marketing, scope development, conceptual design, detailed engineering, estimating, bidding, project management, and start-ups. We are known as motivated, fast track, and problem solving engineers.

We have the experience, expertise, and time that your organization does not. You are bombarded daily with new projects and problems that require more time and new skills. You have limited resources to keep up with the normal, ongoing tasks. When special projects arise, we can fill the knowledge and time gap. We bring experience and expertise from past projects and other organizations. We offer an objective point of view. Based on our hundreds of other projects and our valuable experience in dealing with a wide variety of situations and personalities, we can provide unbiased and fresh ideas. We bring these ideas and experiences from other industries and organizations. Your staff may be too close to the problem to see the solution.

An investment in our services is proof of your honest commitment to complete the project or solve the problem. We will serve as a sign to your organization and other parties that an effort is in progress. You’ve hired the best. We are more efficient. Our experience with similar problems does not require us to “get up to speed”. We can focus on your assigned project or problem. We will not get distracted by your organization’s daily tasks and politics. We will arrive at your facility, with our heads down and get to work. We provide flexibility to you by addressing your short-term projects. We will be there when we are needed and gone when we are not.  We will work beyond the 40 hour week to get your job done.  

Sales Representative

As a sales representative/distributor, you will deliver engineered solutions that integrate your range of products.  Example:  Our client sells a variety of fluid handling equipment.  They realized that they could bundle several of their equipment items into a "packaged" skid for one of their customers needing a pumping and blending system.  We designed and engineered this packaged skid, helped them source the required materials and labor, and supported the project through fabrication, installation, and start-up.