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2010 YMCA Volunteer of the Year

Hello, my name is Jay Hein. 

I love to problem solve.  As a child, I enjoyed taking apart my toys more than playing with them.  I would build go carts and tree forts, I would modify remote control toys to make them do things they were not intended to do, and I would just tinker in my dad’s woodshop.

As a teenager, I had to start planning my career.  Fortunately my parents were encouraging and let me dream about being an architect or an engineer.  I always enjoyed math and science so I chose mechanical engineering.

Fast forward several decades.  Now I am a licensed professional engineer with 28+ years of experience in HVAC design and engineering.  I am a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a BSME degree in mechanical engineering.  I have worked for an industrial chemical manufacturer, equipment distributor, and design-build mechanical contractor.  All of these experiences have given me a greater perspective of my industry.

I started my independent consulting business in 2005 so that I could work on projects that interest me, with clients who value my talents, and fill a niche in the HVACR industry.  I am licensed and actively working on projects in NC, OH, IN, and KY.  

My clients and colleagues know me as a motivated, experienced, and conscientious problem-solving engineer.  When you hire Mechanical Edge, you get ME. If your project needs additional resources for electrical, architectural or structural, I assemble a team of sub-consultants to provide you the services you need.  If I can't handle your project, I am happy to refer you to someone who can. 

When I am not working, you will find me on the trails hiking, biking, or just being in the moment with nature.  When the weather turns cold, I seek snow and head to the slopes.

• Know and understand your business
• Be responsive to your needs
• Maintain the skill, knowledge, and capability to meet your needs
• Desire your business
• Respect your decision making abilities
• Be trustworthy and maintain confidentiality
• Offer competitive and valued services