Our clients include building owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and distributors. Our clients come from privately owned, publicly owned, non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations.

Building Owners

As a building owner, you will get your projects done faster, at less cost, while more closely matching your needs.

Example: Our client needed to replace a water-cooled chiller with a high-efficient 300-ton air-cooled chiller for a large high school. We completed the design of the mechanical portion of the project with sub-contract electrical and structural design. We participated in their public bid process. Then we followed construction and start-up by the successful bidder.


As a contractor or fabricator, you will expand your capabilities and win more bids.

Example: Our client was asked to complete design and installation of an air conditioning system for a 100-year-old chapel without destroying the aesthetics of the wood beams, granite block, and stained glass windows. We designed a non-instrusive VRF system to provide both heating and cooling. Since our contractor did not employ any engineers and needed the design completed by a licensed professional engineer, they called us to get the job done.

Architects & Engineers

As an architect and/or engineering firm, you will immediately add HVAC experience to your team.

Example: Our client was asked to complete the architectural design of a new 22,000-sq ft 4-floor dormitory building. The architect made us part of the project team to complete the MEP design seamlessly for their client.

Sales Representative

As a sales representative/distributor, you will deliver engineered solutions that integrate your range of products.

Example: Our client sells a variety of fluid-handling equipment. They realized that they could bundle several of their equipment items into a "packaged" skid for one of their customers who needed a pumping and blending system. We designed and engineered this packaged skid, helped them source the required materials and labor, and supported the project through fabrication, installation, and start-up.


Our clients value our experience which includes sales, marketing, scope development, conceptual design, detailed engineering, estimating, bidding, project management, and start-ups.  Our clients view us as:

• Motivated, fast track, and problem-solving engineers
• Experienced experts outside the client's industry
• Objective, unbiased, and refreshing


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About Us

Mechanical Edge, LLC provides technical consulting to owners, contractors, and architects seeking assistance in the improvement of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. We DO NOT sell, install, or service HVAC systems - we DESIGN them.